Light Designs

Assignment 5

For my first design, the chapel in the airport is meant to be used as a meditation or prayer space, so I want to keep the light as the sole source of movement in this dark space. There is one window with a koffered border in a slanted wall stretching from the south side to the ceiling. The light coming from this glass window will glow into this dark concrete walled room and reflect with a yellowed glow from the wooden floor. My case study for this design is the Immanuel Church by Sauerbruch Hutton in Cologne, Germany.

Screen shot 2013-11-21 at 11.49.49 AM

Situated in Domodedovo International Airport of Moscow, Russia, my fictitious design will let in the light from the south side. Here are some plans and sections as well as a plan overlaid by a stereometric solar chart. The movement of light is meant to provoke pensive thought as it crawls from one corner of the room to the other.

L1 L1_stereo

L1Light design

For my second design, I looked at various practice rooms and was inspired by the angled double windows of this example from the Curtis Institute of Music:
Screen shot 2013-11-21 at 12.16.14 PM
In this design (also located in Moscow), I wanted to envelope the musician in light. The angled windows both center their light on a central spot (where the musician might be predicted to practice. Also the ceiling cutout windows act almost like spotlights with the larger portion of the cutouts towards the outer stage (the central spot previously mentioned). These three cutouts extend out from the windows and meet on the North wall above the doors. The light of this design would enter in from various angles and reflect off the polished wooden floor and softly reflect off the white painted walls as well. Here are my design plans and sections as well as another plan overlay of a solar stereometric chart:

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